How to prepare!! We are here to help

For class 10th pass

Phase 1: Getting Started in Class 11 ( 9-10 months)

Goal Setting: Begin by setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals.

1.Specific: Your goal should be well-defined and clear, this means specify exactly what you want to achieve. For example“I aim to score above 650 out of 720 in the NEET exam.”

2.Measurable: It should have a quantifiable component, allowing you to track your progress and success. It should be like“I want to consistently score 150+ out of 180 in the biology section of NEET UG practice tests.”

3.Achievable: It should be realistic and attainable within your capabilities. It should challenge you but still be possible. It should not be like“I want to score a perfect 720” But it should be like “I want to reduce the negative marks and increase my score by 20 marks in each test.”

4.Relevant: It should be aligned with your ultimate objective. That means you should not waste your time in solving irrelevant and tough questions but try to solve the type of question that comes in neet.

5.Time-bound: always have a time specific goal. Eg – I will cover thermodynamics by the end off the week.

By setting SMART goals you create a roadmap that is clear and helps you stay motivated, track your progress, and take actionable steps toward achieving success in NEET.

Syllabus Familiarization: know the NEET syllabus in detail. Understand which topics are covered and their weightage in the exam. Make plans and give time to each topic accordingly. 

💡Cover each and every topic of NCERT, most importantly Biology (even the diagrams and what’s written below them)

Make a Good Foundation: Focus on strengthening your foundation in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology). Start with NCERT textbooks for biology and take help from relevant resources(you tube video, online resources, references) for getting your concepts clear. Choose the best textbooks and reference books for each subject.

Study Schedule: Create a balanced study schedule that allows dedicated time for each subject. It should be achievable and it should have breaks in between so that your mind doesn’t saturate. Remember to Allocate more time to your weaker areas and topics with high weightage.

Regular Practice: Solve a variety of problems and questions. Begin with easy ones and gradually move to more tougher ones. Remember “ it is not the number of questions you do but the number of times you do a single question”.

Phase 2: Class 12 (7-8 months)

Follow the steps you followed for class 11 to cover the whole syllabus within 7-8 months and utilise the rest of the time for preparing for your 12th  board exams.

In addition with these also solve Previous year papers and give mock test ( to stimulate the neet exam, give it between 2 – 5 as if you are giving the neet exam). Remember, it is not the number of questions you do but the number of times you do a single question. Therefore, revise revise and revise.

Phase 3: Final Months (2 months following the 12th  exam)


After you have given the board exams, take some days to rest, freshen your mind. Now, its time to crack neet. This two months are the ultimate weapon for winning the battle so, follow these steps- 

Revise: Dedicate a significant amount of time to revision. Revise your notes, numerically, previous year tests, mock tests and important formulas regularly. Utilise the whole week for revision and on Sundays, revise what you have revised the week.

Mock Test Analysis: give a mock test after every 3 days and analyze your mock test performance. Identify your areas of weakness and revise the topic thoroughly . Focus on time management during the exam. Give the test stimulating neet and use 3 round technique.

Stay Healthy: Maintain a balanced diet, exercise, and get adequate sleep. A healthy body and mind are crucial for optimal performance.

Stress Management: Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing (very useful during exams) to manage stress.

Stay Updated: Keep an eye on NEET-related news, exam dates, and any changes in the exam pattern.

Phase 5: The Final Countdown – the last week

Last-Minute Revision: focus on quick revision of important topics and formulae.

Stay Positive: Maintain a positive mindset and believe in yourself. Confidence can make a big difference.

Admit Card and Exam Day Preparation: Ensure you have all necessary documents and materials ready for the exam day. Confirm your exam centre and move out early. Remember to have a good food before the exams.

Post-Exam: Regardless of the result, stay calm. Evaluate your performance objectively and plan your next steps accordingly.

Remember, NEET UG preparation is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency, dedication, and a well-structured approach will lead you to success. Stay motivated and keep your long-term goals in mind throughout the journey. Good luck! 🌟🩺📚




For those in class 12th

Phase 1: Recap and Goal Refinement (2-3 months of starting class 11)


Recap Class 11 Topics: Start by reviewing key concepts from Class 11. Ensure you have a strong foundation in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Do this along with continuing class 12th syllabus. Give 2-3 months for it.


Syllabus Planning: Go through the NEET UG syllabus for Class 12 and Class 11. Identify any gaps in your knowledge or any part of the syllabus in class 11th that you might have missed. Try to make notes of it using various resources.


Phase 2: Class 12 Preparation (5-6 months after phase 1)


Textbooks and Resources: Use resources as per your understanding and comfortability. Choose resources which you understand better (it can be you tube videos, online learning material ,reference etc.). Choose the best textbooks and reference books.


Subject Allocation: Divide your study time wisely between Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Focus more on Biology as it carries maximum weightage. Give more time to the topics carrying more weightage.


Note-taking: Maintain organized notes for each subject, summarizing crucial concepts, equations, and diagrams. It will be very much helpful in last moment revision.


Regular Testing: Take periodic tests to gauge your progress in each and every topics. Review your mistakes and address weak areas promptly. Remember “it is not the number of questions you do but the number of times you do a single question”


Phase 3: Class 12 Preparation (Times of class 12th Board Exams)


Give 2-3 months for your board preparation. Chemistry and biology are more or less similar to your NEET syllabus but you will have to work on physics, focus on derivations and concepts.


Phase 4: The Final Push (Last 2-3 months)


Intensive Revision: Dedicate substantial time to revising key topics and formulae. 


Full-Length Mock Tests: Take full-length mock tests under exam conditions to simulate the real NEET exam. Take 1 mock test every 2- 3 days ans also, don’t forget to revise the tests each Sunday.


Exam Strategy: Develop a clear exam strategy, including how you’ll approach each section, manage time, and attempt questions. Practice the 3 round method.


Stay Healthy: Maintain a balanced diet, exercise, and sleep schedule to stay physically and mentally fit.


Stress Management: Practice relaxation techniques to cope with pre-exam stress and anxiety.


Phase 5: The Countdown (the last Week)


Final Revision: Focus on quick revision of the most critical topics and formulas.


Positive Mindset: Cultivate a positive attitude. Confidence in your preparation is essential.


Exam-Day Preparation: Ensure you have all the necessary documents and materials ready for the exam day. Plan your travel to the exam center in advance. Have food 1-2 hours before the exam but make sure to not have it jus before the exam to avoid post glycemic confusion.


Post-Exam Reflection: Regardless of the outcome, stay composed. Reflect on your performance and plan your next steps.


Remember, Class 12 is a crucial year for NEET UG preparation. Consistency, dedication, and strategic planning will help you excel. Keep your long-term goals in mind and believe in your ability to succeed. Best of luck! 🌟🩺📚